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About The Hanley Law Firm

At the Hanley Law Firm we understand that the issues you bring to us are some of the most important in your life, and we are here to help you through them.

Let us put more than 65 years of legal experience to work for you.

We handle a broad range of legal matters and never charge for initial consultations.  

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One thing that surprises many of our clients, especially those that are having their first experience with legal issues, is that sometimes the “Justice System” isn’t very just.  It often seems that the whole system is stacked against you and designed to make you fail, and that no one is on your side.  Our attorneys recognize this, and how hard it is to navigate the legal maze for people who are not experienced in the law.   We understand how important it is for you to feel heard, supported, and informed as you go through an unfamiliar situation. 

Our attorneys have collectively spent more than 65 years dealing with exactly the types of issues that you are facing.  

We have done the research, written the motions, negotiated the settlements, and argued the cases that have helped us gain the experience that we need to help you.  Importantly, we have listened to our clients to learn what it is that they need out of an attorney and law firm. 

The Hanley Law Firm has taken that experience to heart.  

We strive to provide our clients with personal and effective representation that leaves them feeling like they have a team fighting for them – – because they do!  The Hanley Law Firm has a diverse practice representing clients in criminal and civil matters, in both State and Federal courts. We can offer you focused, individual attention for the legal issues you face.

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